The catalog is the main and only channel of communication between the buyer and manufacturers of light industry goods. It is like a bridge, passing which you will learn a lot of interesting things about this industry. Statistics, forecasts, trends and the latest collections from fashion designers of Uzbekistan.

Tex Area

We try to create the most useful, interesting and expert content for our readers. After the release of each edition, we receive a lot of positive feedback, but we try not to stop there. One of our tasks is not to issue passage numbers.

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Apply and discuss advertising details. We will do the rest!

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A3 format and back cover are always easier to remember.

The target audience

We hope that our articles and research will be of interest to heads of textile factories, light industry specialists, marketers in the field of textiles and fashion business, fashion designers, students of textile institutes, as well as the general reader.

Each time our team is looking for new topics, activities, so that you can:
 – Increase sales and awareness
– Find out everything your competitors are doing
– Received transparent, understandable and manageable information
– Get new points of growth for your business
-Tested competitive advantages

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Textile and sewing-knitted products
Silk, wool, fur and leather products
Manufacturers of equipment, accessories and fittings
Clothing designers
Logistics companies
1 +
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Tex Area

The team consists of marketing analysts, designers, advertising managers, translators, editors, photographer and fashion industry manager.

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